Peaceful, Easy Feeling

I don’t believe in striving for happiness. I see happiness as a fleeting emotion, similar to surprise or excitement. My goal is contentment. A deeper state of happiness. To me, contentment is akin to the equilibrium of the emotions – everything in balance. A walk along the beach with your

What a Cutie 😃

Ruby and I found this charming dog down near the waters edge at Lavender Lakes. In no time, Miss Madam starts in on me, “But we need the puppy! Can we keep it? Please?” FEATURING “Used To”, one of four poses with dog props from ::LW:: Poses. Unlink to adjust


Say Hello to Your Personal Music. FEATURING the new smart phone from The Owl. MyPhone comes in gold, red, black, blue or white and sits in a wooden base that comes in three colours. MyPhone can stream up to 100 streams, separate menu of genres and you can add your

Me Time

FEATURING the Home Mania ‘Time for Me’ chair and rug from The Owl. There are numerous single, couple and adult poses in the chair and rug. Available for demo and purchase in their main store. I’m wearing tshirt and pants from Sorumin (currently available from the Food Court event), hair


FEATURING the new prop with poses ‘Lost Drift Wood’ from ::LW:: Poses. With 5 inbuilt poses and mirror poses included, this prop is adjustable. Separate pose balls are also included. Remember to turn off your hands AO, and use an ankle lock if needed. For The Liaison Collaborative ending January 26th

China Town

FEATURING a pose from The Owl called ‘Don’t Lose Me’. The poseballs are adjustable and remember to turn off your hand AO. You can visit The Owl in-world store here. ~WEARING~ Me – Shirt from Ghee ,Maitreya boyfriend jeans, Lamb hair, lipstick from Pink Fuel and retro sunglasses from Izzies. Him

So Content

FEATURING this versatile pose from The Owl, ‘Into the Wild’. You can adjust the pose balls or use the individual poses that come with it. You can do each pose alone or combine them like I’ve done. Remember to turn off your hand AO as the pose features some nice

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